M&K V10+ updated subwoofer: smaller, louder, lower

The Danish M&K Sound introduced the M&K V10+ subwoofer. As the name suggests, it is the successor to the V10 model, becoming even more compact and powerful.

The maximum power of the built-in class D amplifier has increased from 200 to 300 watts, and the front panel has been reduced to a square with a side of 34.5 cm. It houses a modified 10-inch woofer. Its cone is now made of a tougher cellulosic composite. The “closed body” acoustic design is designed to make the sound more musical and accentuated.

M&K V10+

At the same time, the lower frequency limit of the novelty was also improved – up to 24 Hz at -3 dB and even 20 Hz at -6 dB. The rear panel retains all the switching and control capabilities of the predecessor: a pair of line inputs and loop outputs, volume control, low-pass filter and phase, supplemented by an autostart function. The system continues to use M&K’s proprietary discrete analog input circuitry.

The M&K V10+ subwoofer in two finishes – satin white or black – will be available in early 2022. In the UK, the M&K V10 + subwoofer will be priced around £1,400.

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