DALI Opticon MK2: the second generation of the popular line of acoustics

DALI decided it was time to update the Opticon series and announced the second generation. According to company representatives, the updated line has borrowed a lot from the older models, but at the same time remained in the same price range as before.

The line was named Opticon MK2, and it includes six models: shelf Opticon 1 and 2, floor standing Opticon 6 and 8, wall mounted Opticon LCR and center channel acoustics Opticon Vokal.

DALI Opticon MK2

The main changes were made to the speakers: now the line includes new woofers and mid-range speakers with an SMC magnetic system using a proprietary compound. The diaphragms are wood fiber like the Epicon. The enlarged tweeter was taken from Callisto. In the Opticon 6, 8 and Vokal models, a ribbon radiator has been added.

DALI Opticon MK2

Replaced phase inverters – now they are reflex type. The crossovers were also refined and improved, and the optional bi-wiring was added to the Opticon 6 and 8. The main change is the tonal balance: it was adjusted to emphasize the advantages of the technologies used in the second generation.

DALI Opticon MK2

The company said that the difference in cost between the first and second generation Opticon will average only 10%. That is, the new line is still the same middle class of acoustics, but at the same time it offers the latest DALI technologies.

There is no information about the start of sales and the cost of new products.