Razer Kaira and Kaira Pro: headset for Xbox and cloud gaming

Razer has announced the Kaira Pro headset, designed specifically for Microsoft’s Xbox consoles and Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming service.

According to Razer, they aimed to create a headset that will work great when paired with any source: a console, a PC, and even a smartphone. Thanks to support for the Xbox Wireless interface, the headset can be connected to Xbox Series S / X consoles without a dongle, as well as to computers running Windows 10 (already with a dongle).

Razer Kaira and Kaira Pro

Kaira Pro connects to smartphones via Bluetooth 5.0. For mobile use, the built-in gooseneck is used instead of the HyperClear supercardioid gooseneck microphone.

Razer Kaira and Kaira Pro

The cups contain large speakers with a diameter of 50 mm, made using the proprietary TriForce Titanium technology. According to a press release, they provide “even brighter, clearer sound with individually tuned highs, mids and lows”. As a result, the top is crisp, the middle is rich, and the lows are powerful.