Advance Paris X-CD1000 EVO CD player with tube output stage

Advance Paris, the French premium audio brand affiliated with Advance Acoustic, has unveiled the X-CD1000 EVO CD player. This happened at the High End 2022 exhibition in Munich, just before the June start of sales. The Advance Paris X-CD1000 EVO turned out to be remarkable – the Advance Paris said that “this is a very special solution of its kind“. The digital system was supplemented with an audiophile tube output stage.

All this was placed in a powerful vibration-proof partitioned chassis with additional stiffeners. French audio engineers believe that the absence of vibrations and the mutual shielding of circuit parts are simply necessary for high-quality sound. The power supply with a powerful toroidal transformer works with a large margin. As a result, the weight of the device reached 9.2 kg.

Advance Paris X-CD1000 EVO

Advance Paris X-CD1000 EVO DAC – AD1955 from Analog Devices Inc. This is how the novelty differs from the usual Advance Paris X-CD1000, without EVO, which is equipped with a Burr Brown PCM 1792. The DAC processes signals with a bit depth of 24 bits and a frequency of 192 kHz. It can also be used on its own.

Since the output signal is also fed to three digital interfaces – AES/EBU plus coaxial and optical S/PDIF, the X-CD1000 EVO can also be used as a “clean” transport with an external DAC. The analog signal comes to the asymmetrical outputs XLR or balanced XLR. The device can read CD, CDR, MP3 and Hybrid SACD.

Advance Paris X-CD1000 EVO rear panel
Advance Paris X-CD1000 EVO rear panel

The suggested retail price of the Advance Paris X-CD1000 EVO CD player in Europe is 1,290 euros.

Advance Paris X-CD1000 EVO Specifications

  • Output level RCA Without tubes : 2 V
  • Frequency response : 20-35KHz (±1.5dB )
  • Distortion of the output with tubes: THD=0.008%
  • Distortion without tubes :: THD=0.01%
  • Channel separation on output with tubes: : 101dB
  • Channel separation on output without tubes : 101dB
  • Signal noise ratio :103dB
  • Output impedance XLR-RCA : 10KΩ
  • DAC – AD1955
  • AC power 115/230 V
  • Weight : 9.2 kgs