All about Hi-Fi power cables and stabilizers

Someone thinks that investing significant amounts of money in cables is nonsense, where it is more optimal to spend money on a more expensive component. Someone says that without 10-15% of the cost of the system built into the connectors, the complex will not open. And some even write that the cables “don’t play” – after all, in the studios everything is connected with cheap wires and no one complains. Well, the last opinion is that a good electricity stabilizer will correct the sound of any system and will not spend money on power cables. The truth, as always, is somewhere in between – and in this article we will try to find it.


How much should i spend on Hi-Fi power cables?

Ten percent will be optimal. A large amount is really better distributed among the components. And the smaller one will definitely not let the system open up.

What are the most important cables in a system that determine its sound? What does the ranking by decreasing influence look like?

Power cables, oddly enough, are the most influential. In fact, it is the power supply of the components that is largely responsible for the sonic signature, and a good power cable corrects this a lot. Next come acoustic cables, then interconnect cables, digital cables, USB and Ethernet cables (yes, the latter also work).

Is it possible to replace a good power cable with a power stabilizer?

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As a rule, active intervention in power supply has a margin of safety and can cut the dynamics of the system at the strongest surges. Therefore, using a good power cable is always good, and the effectiveness of using a stabilizer depends on many nuances. Including on its principle of operation, design and capabilities.

Would battery systems that fully regenerate the parameters of electricity work better?

Fully battery powered can work wonders, but you need kilowatts of pure power! The price of such power supplies will exceed tens of thousands of dollars.

Does it make sense to use power filters at all?

We believe that most active filtering systems inevitably affect the microdynamic characteristics of the system – and not always in a positive way. Advice – take filters for wiretapping and evaluate their work in your system.

Why doesn’t anyone in the studios think too much about electricity regeneration and use thousands of dollars worth of wires?

Why doesn't anyone in the studios think too much about electricity regeneration and use thousands of dollars worth of wires?

For one thing, there are many studios in the world equipped with top-end cables – and there are not so few of them. On the other hand, the vast majority of studios are not searching for the musical grail, they just need to deliver a price-quality product – a recording. But the majority of sound engineers who encounter expensive cables remain delighted with their effect on the sound.

Does it make sense to conduct “blind testing” of the influence of cables and power stabilizers?

If you are ready to sit blindfolded for more than 8-10 hours – of course! Less timing will not allow you to readjust from perception only by ear and will do nothing. That is why no one conducts such tests for a long time – biology cannot be fooled.

Is it worth paying attention to used cables?

Definitely yes. You can buy great used cables at flea markets and classifieds – and save a lot of money. Just try to always get them to audition and pay attention to the seller’s reputation to avoid fakes.

Are the cables aging? Does it make sense to consider buying cables of the late 20th century?

Are the cables aging

Old copper, for example – the beginning of the twentieth century, is only getting more expensive. But the dielectric of the cable, its protection, and so on can also age. We recommend purchasing cables no older than the end of the nineties of the last century.

Where should I look for used cables?

The largest aggregator of offers is, quite a lot can be found on and

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