Russ Andrews upgraded PowerBlock power splitter to Signature version

Russ Andrews PowerBlock power splitter has been known since the turn of the century, and for the 20th anniversary of this popular device, it was released in an improved version of Signature. It’s still an eight-socket splitter for a three-pin British plug with the original angled arrangement of the outlets. But now, according to the manufacturer, it has received “several innovations that keep it at the top of the splitter catalog“.


The UL94-V0 ABS plastic case is custom-made for impact and fire resistance and accommodates Russ Andrews branded sockets. They feature high-pressure pressed rhodium-plated phosphor bronze contacts, meet BS1363 standard and have been specially treated with Russ Andrews Process Q.

The Russ Andrews Signature PowerBlock has a ground connection that can be supplemented with a suitable system. There is also a high-current network output of 16A – you can connect not only the most powerful device in the setup to this outlet, but also, for example, a surge protector.

TCX conductor from Kimber Kable

Russ Andrews Signature PowerBlock

Inside the Russ Andrews Signature PowerBlock is a specially designed distribution board that evenly (this point is especially highlighted by the developer) distributes power to all sockets. For this, a double TCX conductor from Kimber Kable is used, which halves the impedance. There are a total of 6m of cable inside each Signature PowerBlock. The splitter is equipped with a MegaClamp filter for surge and surge protection and is connected to the network using a high-current cable.

Russ Andrews Signature PowerBlock

Availability and price

Russ Andrews Signature PowerBlock UK power splitter is priced at £1,699 in the UK. There is no information yet about whether the novelty will appear in the version with European sockets.

Russ Andrews Signature PowerBlock UK Specifications

  • Made from impact and fire resistant UL-90-V0 ABS
  • Eight Rhodium plated, inverted Signature sockets
  • Internally wired with KIMBER KABLE
  • Earth terminal for attachment to RF Router
  • Internal MegaClamp for equipment protection from lightning and high voltage mains spikes
  • High current 16A IEC input socket to connect your choice of Evolution PowerKord
  • Dimensions: L:327mm H:133mm W:135mm