Sendy Audio Apollo Headphones: dual magnetic system in rosewood cups

Sendy Audio, owned by the Chinese Dongguan SIVGA Electronic Technology Co, after the flagship Peacock model, released more affordable planar magnetic Apollo headphones. They are made in an open version and do not weigh that much for their class – less than 395g, but at the same time they received emitters with a diameter of 68mm.

Quad Former technology

Sendy Audio Apollo

Just like Peacock, Apollo uses proprietary Quad Former technology: this is a dual magnetic system that interacts with conductors deposited on both sides of the diaphragm – two on each side. This design, according to the developers, is characterized by high sensitivity and detail and low distortion. Outside, the radiators are protected by metal grills, the pattern on which resembles the sun, and the grills also work as a kind of acoustic impedance panel.

Rosewood cups

For the novelty, with an unevenness of +/-3 dB, a frequency range of 20Hz – 40kHz, a sensitivity of 95dB and an impedance of 16ohms +/- 15% are declared. Unlike duralumin Peacock, Apollo cups are made of rosewood. The headband is decorated with goat leather, and the ear cushions are artificial with a memory foam filler. The ear pads are removable.

OCC braided copper cable

Sendy Audio Apollo

The Sendy Audio Apollo comes with a detachable 2m 6N OCC braided copper cable and a 4.4mm balanced to 3.5mm unbalanced jack adapter. All the little things can be put in a special soft bag, and the whole set is placed in a stylish hard case.

Sendy Audio Apollo

Availability and price

In the UK, the Sendy Audio Apollo open planar headphones already available for order and cost £430.

Sendy Audio Apollo Specifications

  • Transducer size 68mm
  • Frequency response 20Hz-40kHz
  • Sensitivity 95dB +/- 3dB
  • Impedance 16Ω +/- 15%
  • Cable length 2.0m +/- 0.2m
  • Connector 4.4mm balanced
  • Weight 395g