Ambient Flo: 24/7 free online radio with electronic indie music

Musician, producer and DJ Auntie Flo has launched his own 24/7 online radio called Ambient Flo. The idea was born back in the spring, when the world went into quarantine. Initially, the musician just streamed, but now it’s time to turn this endeavor into a full-fledged musical project.

Ambient Flo online station is dedicated to unusual electronic music (ambient, trance, ethno). Auntie Flo is going to manually update the library every month.

Ambient Flo Online Radio takes into account the time zone to provide the listener with the “right” songs at the right time. The main idea is to allow the listener to relax and “reboot”, whether it is morning, day or night. In addition to the main broadcast, birdsong can be added.

In the future, Ambient Flo will have playlists featuring selections from other musicians. Auntie Flo noted that his new project is not just internet music, but also the first steps towards creating a “fair economy” when indie artists are not exploited in the world of technology.