Frank Zappa’s Hi-Res discography to appear on Qobuz

Music from eclectic comedy rock classic Frank Zappa will appear on Qobuz in Hi-Res resolution. This was made possible by a partnership agreement with UMe (the global cataloging company Universal Music Group) and Zappa Records, which Qobuz entered into at the end of March.

In total, 29 albums of the great provocateur will be available in Hi-Res on Qobuz – this is almost half of his considerable musical heritage. The music has been selected to showcase all the stages of Zappa’s pioneering career. The array of data will be laid out gradually – they plan to finish it by May 7.

Talk of Zappa’s hi-res albums coming up live on Qobuz today. From April 2, it will be possible to listen to the first nine albums in 24-bit FLAC. Each of them will be supplemented with a digital booklet in PDF format – it will be available only on Qobuz.

The son of the classic, Ahmet Zappa, has released several albums himself with his brother Dweezil Zappa and wrote the song “Frogs with Dirty Little Lips” with his father. As a spokesperson for Zappa Records, Ahmet commented, “Qobuz’s Hi-Res Audio and the ability to immerse yourself in the album art of your favorite musicians is an incredible listening experience that’s perfect for Zappa Records”.

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