BluOS Devices Get Exclusive MQA Rights for Radio Paradise

An internet radio exclusively for BluOS devices already exists. This will be Radio Paradise, founded by DJ Bill Goldsmith over 20 years ago. Lenbrook International (owner of Bluesound, NAD, PSB Speakers and BluOS multi-room streaming platform) will partner with MQA and Radio Paradise to create Radio Paradise MQA.

The internet radio station is expected to broadcast MQA-encoded 24-bit audio, “where possible,” according to the organizers. By the way, it will be the first time among Internet radio stations that they will switch to MQA.

To access Radio Paradise MQA, BluOS devices will receive a corresponding update in April 2021. The same software version will be installed on all subsequent BluOS models. Recall that this is equipment from such hi-fi brands as Bluesound, NAD Electronics, DALI Loudspeakers, Monitor Audio, Roksan, Peachtree and PSB Speakers.

“For us, music lovers and audiophiles, it was a revelation of the difference in the sound of music in MQA, even when only 16-bit / 44 kHz resolutions are available,” – said Bill Goldsmith – “Our shared values ​​make this collaboration completely natural”. It is reported that Radio Paradise MQA Audio will be available exclusively for BluOS players.

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