Apple will bring back music quiz in iOS 14

If you still remember iPods with a proprietary control wheel probably played a music quiz on them: the player played short segments of melodies loaded into its memory, and the user had to guess what track was playing. Points were awarded for correct answers. And this quiz, according to the resource 9to5Mac, will return to Apple devices in iOS 14 and iPad OS 14. The functionality is the same, but there is one peculiarity: the quiz will include only those tunes that were purchased in iTunes or synchronized with computer, as well as available in Apple Music. That is, you will not be able to load your Spotify library into it.

apple music quiz

The game itself is simple: five rounds, each with five answers with song titles, artists and covers. You can play more than five rounds, and you couldn’t do without the function of posting results on social networks. Updated versions of operating systems for Apple’s portable devices are due out this fall – and with them the quiz.

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