Pilium Odysseus: CPU Control, Dual Mono and Durable Components

The Greek company Pilium has officially unveiled the Odysseus integrated amplifier. The novelty has expanded the Divine line and largely inherits the flagship Leonidas model.

True, it weighs a quarter less – only 74 kg. This is logical, since two transformers were replaced with one 2 kVA torus – now it feeds both the preliminary and final amplifiers. And the case with powerful passive radiators on the sides has become more compact.

Pilium Odysseus

The power of the novelty did not decrease much and amounted to 180 W when working with speakers with an impedance of 8 ohms. If the impedance is reduced to 2 ohms, the Odysseus is ready to deliver 680 watts per channel. The Odysseus input signal is ready to accept on five switchable single-ended pairs of RCA connectors.

According to the manufacturer, the novelty has received a “dual mono” architecture. Special attention was paid to stability and durability: custom capacitors with an ultra-long service life with a total capacity of 180,000 μF are installed in the power supply of the final amplifier. An additional 19,000 μF runs in the preamplifier supply filters – and these are also capacitors with extended life.

Pilium Odysseus

Microprocessor control of the novelty provides protection against direct current, overheating and damage to the speakers. The amplifier is assembled on military grade boards, the audio signal processing path is completely separated from other circuitry.

In the final stages, 40 ultra-wideband power transistors are installed, and the Odysseus frequency range exceeds 100 kHz. Like its bigger brother, the Odysseus is housed in thick-walled aluminum plates and rests on branded anti-vibration feet.

Pilium has not yet announced the cost of Odysseus.

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