Arteluthe showed Immersion acoustics from the anniversary collection

The Canadian company Arteluthe showed the concept of the premium Immersion speaker system. To date, almost nothing is known about the model, but the manufacturer revealed some information.

Immersion acoustics became the first model of a special holiday collection of speakers in honor of the 10th anniversary of the company. The company announced that Immersion will receive a modular three-block design with full-range emitters in the horns. Another feature will be the case unusual elegant shape. As an option, audiophiles will be offered a low-frequency Manticore LF module with two horn basses.

The manufacturer said that the modular Immersion will be able to surprise with an assertive sound with modest dimensions. The company will release different Immersion configurations for different tasks and premises.

In the near future, Arteluthe promised to publish additional information.

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