BGVP DMG review

BGVP has a rather long line of earphones, in which the DMG occupies one of the most prominent places. Strange, because this is a classic representative of a bullied V-shaped frequency response. We decided to figure out the reason for this popularity. BGVP DMG a hybrid model of earphones, built on the basis of two dynamic emitters (with a membrane of titanium and graphene) and four balanced armature (BA). Of course, there are lovers of a similar V-shaped sound presentation, however, no one will argue that this primarily indicates inexperience. Let’s see if DMG was worth attention, or this is a famous amateurish story. Looking ahead, we say that not everything is so simple.

Accessories & Packaging

Earphones come in a small, stylish white package. On the front side there is a large photo of the headphones, the name of the model and the clarification that it uses 6 drivers, as well as a replaceable cable with MMCX connectors.

Package include: 3 pair of sound filters (balanced, higher frequency, low frequency), 1x cable clip; 1x sound filter’s hard case; 6 pair of black-colored eartips; 3 pair of blue-colored eartips, 1 pair of foam eartips and the 5N copper-silver plated cable.

Of course, “Hi-Res” sticker is included. On the back is a graphic drawing of headphones with a demonstration of interchangeable sound guides, as well as detailed specifications. DMG are available in three colors: black, blue and red. As you can see, we have black.

An unusual feature, the set includes replaceable sound guides, which are made in two colors (gold and silver). They contribute to fine tuning of sound, although this is not a global difference, and it differs in small nuances. But nevertheless, with the help of this functionality, you can slightly change the sound to your taste.

The braided cable is made of monocrystalline copper (6N) coated with silver. It is lightweight, comfortable and elastic. Connectors MMCX. Acceptable quality.

In General, a good standard set for this segment.


Perhaps, this is the main advantage of the BGVP DMG. The body is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy. It is ergonomic and at the same time has a bizarre shape, as if a natural sculptor, using the tides for centuries, worked on a pair of pebbles on the shore. We must pay tribute, perhaps this is one of the most convenient forms ever.

Sound insulation is average, no worse and no better than most earphones. In General, the appearance, quality of manufacture and ergonomics of the BGVP DMG cause only positive emotions.


This is where the problems begin. The sound of the BGVP DMG is “juicy” but not harmonious, given the V-shaped frequency response. It can be noted massiveness and a liquid low-frequency range, a fairly smooth and cleaned middle and a strong rise in the high-frequency.

Due to these set accents, the musical material is played indiscriminately, listlessly and with a slurred rhythmic base. However, some emotional parts can be noted in this case, most likely it is suitable for energetic electronics and heavy instrumental styles. Definitely, such a sound will find its fans. DMG perfectly line the stereo panorama when it comes to light acoustic styles. In principle, everything is not bad when we are not talking about low and high frequencies.

Obviously, these are musical-selective units. Yes, there are rich tones, expression and drive, but this is not a musical presentation, it is also not a monitor. Without a doubt, one can find fault with some simplification in the development of the mid-frequency range, but we will leave such a harsh court for headphones from much more serious categories.

Here it is rather a taste moment, and many on the contrary, will even like it. However, keep in mind that this sound is not for the sophisticated listener, especially considering the price $123 on Aliexpress where there are too many much more intelligent rivals, for example BQEYZ Spring 1.


BGVP DMG will definitely find its admirer. Despite a certain taste of the sound, it is able to satisfy the needs of a wide audience, but we would not call it an audiophile model. At the same time, the model is suitable for people who prefer bright and juicy sound without delving into nuances and detail. DMG for those who need a dynamic feed from the box, usually when used with music players of the lower and middle segment. We recommend that you first listen BGVP DMG before you decide to buy it.


Headphone Type: In-Ear / Hybrid
Emitters: 2 dynamic / 4x balanced armature (BA Knowles)
Crossover: 4-way
Frequency Response Range: 15Hz-45KHz
Impedance: 18Ohm
Sensitivity: 110dB/MW
Case: Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy
Cable: removable 1.2m MMCX, balanced, connector 3.5mm straight/6N monocrystalline copper with silver coating (regular/with headset)