Audio Physic has announced a new generation of flagship acoustics Cardeas

According to representatives of Audio Physic, their flagship the new generation of Cardeas acoustics is full of technological breakthroughs and innovative components that allow you to truly “free up music”. This set of technologies and elements in the company called powertrain.

The acoustics were developed entirely from scratch. As stated, its task is to provide a three-dimensional, large-scale, limitless sound, which at the same time allows you to focus on the smallest details at any time. The result is a 4-band audio system in a multi-layered asymmetric housing with a cellular structure.

The internal spacers are also made of honeycomb material, which gives the body a solid weight of 68 kg and sufficient rigidity. Like most of the acoustics in the Audio Physic catalog, the exterior of the sloping case is decorated with glass panels.

The speakers are shifted sideways relative to the center of the front panel — so they are better aligned. The HHCT III + tweeter is enclosed in its own chamber, where the crossover is also located. A special feature of mid-bass and bass speakers designed specifically for Cardeas is the absence of a centering washer.

According to the company, the washer is a useful and necessary element of any dynamic head with a cone diffuser, but it also suppresses the dynamics. The lack of a washer in Audio Physic was compensated by strengthening the attachment of the diffuser to the suspension.

The model plays in the range from 25 to 40 kHz, has a sensitivity of 89 dB with an impedance of 4 ohms. In Germany, the cost of Audio Physic Cardeas will be 36 550 euros per pair.

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