TRI Starsea: two armature and one dynamic drivers in a “starry sky” case

Starsea – in ear headphones, the design of which is quite consistent with the name. Their bodies are made of frozen translucent synthetic resin, filled with microscopic shimmering sequins. The manufacturer assured that there are no two identical Starsea.

This starry ocean hides a 3-way system of two armature drivers: the triple Knowles ED-29689 and the specially designed TRI-HI-A super tweeter. In the low-frequency range, they were supplemented by an 8-mm speaker with a composite diaphragm reinforced with silicon crystals. Its NdFeB triple junction magnet provided a magnetic field of 1 Tesla — so it was possible to get a sensitivity of more than 106 dB.

TRI Starsea

The drivers are combined with a crossover with a 2-slide switch that allows you to select one of four sound modes. The following options are offered: standard, balanced, emphasizing bass or vocals. A detachable two-conductor cable of 8-conductor silver-plated copper is docked into a 2-pin connector.

TRI Starsea

It is worth considering that the impedance of the 9.5 ohm headphones requires caution: before connecting it is better to turn down the volume in advance. In addition to the cable, the headphones come with a variety of silicone earbuds and a case.

TRI Starsea is already available on AliExpress for about 130$.

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