Audient introduced the id4, id14 MKII audio cards and the EVO Start Recording Bundle

British company Audient Limited started the New Year with updates. The corporate design and the company’s website have been updated. And in addition, there were three updated models: the iD4 and iD14 computer audio interfaces in MKII versions and the Start Recording Bundle released by the EVO by Audient sub-brand.

Audient id4 and id14 MKII

The capabilities and functionality of the iD4 and iD14 are now comparable to the flagship interface of the iD44 company, and at the same prices. Both audio cards now provide 120dB dynamic range – in both DAC and ADC modes.

Audient id4 and id14 MKII

The iD14 (MKII) model has two additional headphone outputs and two line outputs. Both cards work over USB-C with USB 3.0 support, and power is supplied over the same cable. In addition, the housings of both interfaces are refined with metal surfaces.

Audient id4 and id14 MKII

The EVO Start Recording Bundle consists of the well-known EVO 4 audio interface, to which the SR1 shock-absorbing condenser microphone and SR2000 monitor headphones are added. All necessary cables are already included – plug and play.

European prices of new products: iD4 (MKII) – 150 euros, iD14 (MKII) – 230 euros and EVO Start Recording Bundle – 220 euros.

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