BQEYZ Spring 1 review

BQEYZ Spring 1 – extremely interesting model of earphones combining 3 main technologies of drivers: dynamic, 7-Layers Piezoelectric Ceramicstric and Balanced Armature.
At the moment, the price in the BQEYZ official Aliexpress store is $139, and looking ahead, we can say that the real sound of the model exceeds the price significantly, at least several times. An amazing combination of the highest sound quality at an affordable price.

Accessories & Packaging

Earphones are delivered in a box packed with cardboard on the back of which shows detailed structure of the earphone. The box is made of dense black material, it is worth noting that already at this stage the manufacturer’s approach to the quality of materials and packaging as a whole is felt, which hints at the attention of the company to all the little things. This approach will fully manifest itself in sound.

Package Contents: Spring1 earphone, 8 Core Upgrade Silver-Plated Cable, Manual, Silicone Ear tips(S/M/L) 6 Pairs, Foam Ear tips 1 Pair, Carrying Case.

Separately, we would like to note a good selection of eartips, that really noticeably change the sound, and a fairly high quality complete cable, which most likely will not have to be changed or upgrade.

The packaging and kit really deserves special attention, given the price of BQEYZ Spring1, the packaging corresponds to a much higher level of production.


Earphones are medium sized, quite comfortable, pretty and tactile.
The matte black body of Spring 1 is made of aluminum, and the golden nozzle is obviously made of brass. The nozzle is covered with a mesh, which serves to protect against moisture and sulfur entering the Earphones.
The build doesn’t cause any complaints, no backlash and other looseness has been noticed.

The logo of the brand “BQEYZ” is placed on the right earphone, on the left – the name of the model. On the inside of the cases you can find the impressed letters R and L, as well as three compensation holes: two are located together on the opposite side of the nozzle, and the third is closer to it.

In general, the design can be called different from many other models, it has something stylish and sophisticated.


The sound of BQEYZ Spring 1 can be described as well-balanced, comfortable, with a slightly forced in the low-frequency register, a smooth and detailed middle and a harmonious sparkling, with a slight light accent, comfortable high-frequency range.

This very open, spacious sound that allows every instrument and effect to breathe. The vocals are focused and directed, the instruments around them are delivered in a way that makes it feel like you are in a room where do the instruments play.

Analogue recordings are incredibly emotional and interesting in Spring 1, different presses of the piano key are clearly noticeable, sophisticatedly delivered and gradually reach his place in the track, where they should be.

Spring 1 show a confident approach to sound quality, especially considering their price category, with a rather spreading scene, a good study of depth and accurate placement of sound images in space. It is also noticeable that with a very dense manner of performance, the sound does not feel any kind of artificiality, pumping space and buzzing, everything is quite clear and articulate.

The kick of the bass drum is quite powerful, going to the very bottom, the bass parts sound rich and distinct. Low frequencies work wonderfully with the mid-frequency range, not overlapping it, but competently enhancing the experience. They fill the sound canvas with physicality, creating a slightly atmospheric sound in the scene.

Vocal parts and string instruments are transmitted naturally, smoothly and melodiously, without any synthetics shades. The feeling of space is quite spacious, it is harmoniously and proportionately lined up both in width and in depth. High frequencies are interesting, apparently due to the piezoelectric driver, they perfectly complement the overall picture of the track, they sound very lively and airy, no whispers and clicks are observed. In general, high frequencies act out just fine. This is especially noticeable on hi-hat and cymbals of percussion instruments, as well as in the hum of electric guitar strings. Just very nice.

Note that the earphones need to be warmed up, and the longer the better, in our case the heating was 2 days, and during this time it should be noted that the earphones noticeably added to the air and the overall soundness in general.


BQEYZ has released unique earphones that amaze you with the overall sound supply, discourage the volume of the scene and the combination of details typical of earphones a much higher range. We were really surprised by the Spring 1 and will definitely test other samples of this company. Once again, we note that for $139 the cost of spring 1 in the BQEYZ official aliexpress store today is really little money for such a set of high-quality sound indicators.

★ Our choice.


  • Dynamic Driver: 13mm
  • Impedance: 43Ω
  • Sensitivity: 108dB
  • Frequency: 7-40KHz
  • Cable Length: 1.2m
  • Pin Type: 0.78mm-2 Pin
  • Plug Type: 3.5mm
  • Driver units: 13mm Coaxial dynamic driver+7 Layers piezo electric+Balanced armature
  • Color: Black / Blue (Optional)

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