Audio-Technica earbuds surprise with bass

In Japan, the new Ath-CKS660XBT and Ath-CKS330XBT wireless earbuds from Audio-Technica have started selling. The new products belong to the Solid Bass series of earphones and are distinguished by an expressive reproduction of the low-frequency spectrum. Higher model ATH-CKS660XBT is offered for 7,200 yen, which is about 70$, and the younger model can be purchased for 4,500 yen or about 40$.

The new products support Google and Siri voice assistants, are ready to work for up to 20 hours on a single battery charge and are protected from moisture by IPX2 standard. Higher model ATH-CKS660XBT is offered in Cooper Gold (copper with gold) and Gunmetal (weapon steel) finishes, while the Junior model Ath-CKS330XBT is available in green, blue, beige or black.

Among the significant differences between earbuds, we note the different size of the used Solid Bass HD broadband emitters — older model ATH-CKS660XBT is equipped with drivers with a diameter of 9.8mm, and the younger ATH-CKS330XBT — 5.8mm.

Source: Audio-Technica.