Jerry Harvey Announces Limited Edition Jimi AION Seven-Driver headphones

In the Jerry Harvey catalog, there are another custom headphones created using AION technology – this is Jimi AION. The limited edition model, named after Jimi Hendrix, received a custom body that combines shades of purple and light wood. Acoustic cameras are printed on a 3D printer. The headphones use seven armature emitters: two play low frequencies, one-the middle, and four more — high frequencies. Freqphase technology provides perfect time and phase matching of all emitters.

This model will be the first to be delivered with a new cable-litzendrat with a seven-pin connector, created in Germany from iridium. This connector, according to the company, will provide a tight and reliable connection, but it is easy to detach it. The built-in gasket will protect the connector from sweat and moisture, and the proprietary tube system will help you remove unnecessary liquids. The flexible earpiece on the cable was also redesigned: they say it now holds its shape better. With the cable, you can adjust the low-frequency recoil in the range from 0 to +12 dB using the included screwdriver. The headphones play in the range from 20 Hz to 23 kHz, have a sensitivity of 117 dB with a resistance of 17 Ohms and provide sound insulation of -26 dB.

This is a limited collection — in total, Jerry Harvey will release 200 Jimi AION headphones. One set will cost us $1,700. In addition to the headphones and cable, the set includes a round case-washer and a commemorative card with the serial number of the headphones engraved on it.