Lansche Audio No.3.2: floor systems with plasma tweeter

The German company Lansche Audio presented acoustics with the short name No.3.2, based on the use of corona branded plasma emitters. The system’s high-frequency emitter operates on the plasma principle.
The use of ionized plasma for high-frequency radiation, along with the problems of power supply and durability of the emitter, provides a vanishingly small mass of the mobile system. As a result, the stated upper frequency limit for Lansche Audio speakers is No.3.2 reached 150kHz.

The tweeter works as a part of a 2.5-lane floor lamp, in the case of which a combination of MDF, low-vibration ceramics and heavy foam was used. The internal strut system is designed to further increase the rigidity of the Cabinet.A 12 mm thick aluminum base plate, separated from the floor by spikes, became a panel of a 22cm long-range (with a large deviation) low-frequency “shooting” down. Its diffuser is made of polyester, while the system’s midrange speaker, located under the tweeter, received a paper-impregnated diffuser. The crossover system provides a phase ratio of the emitters, which, according to the developers, is optimal for a sedentary listener.

A pair of Lansche Audio No.3.2 is already available on the European market at a price of 22,000 euro.