Custom 99% Pure Silver 8 Core Cable from Lunashops

Tested at 90$. Sample provided: Lunashops Retail Store.

Most full-size headphones today use a 3.5mm plug. We have already tested silver plated upgrade cables from Meze which showed good results in a compartment with Meze 99 Classics headphones. This time the cable from a Chinese manufacturer is a little cheaper (120$ Meze vs 90$ Lunashop), but visually its weave is noticeably thicker, at the same time the manufacturer declares 99% Pure Silver (silver-plated copper in Meze), as far as it will affect the result, we decided to test it. This time we use a 2.5mm balanced plug.


Lunashop Cable comes in a simple transparent package, as reported on the product page (Item Condition: Brand New without retail package). Cable looks amazing. It is unusually elastic, flexible, very tactile, with beautiful braiding, in a transparent braid.

For 90$ (1.2m), you get a length of cable that’s nicely made: it’s sturdy and flexible enough to bend around tricky corners. Сable is suitable for most popular models of Hifiman and many other manufacturers that use 3.5mm in their headphones, and these are now the majority. We tested Lunashop cable directly on Hifiman Sundara.

(Available plug: 3.5mm 3 Pole Plug, 3.5mm 4 Pole balanced, 2.5mm 4 Pole balanced, 4.4mm Male balanced, XLR 4 Pole Male, XLR 4 Pole Female, Dual XLR 3 Pole Male, Dual XLR 3 Pole Female, 6.5mm Male Plug, 4 in 1 Plug.)


With Lunashop cable inserted into our Tempotec sonata iDSD plus, we play Half Life of Absolution by Pat Metheny Group. The first impression we get is one of clarity. Hifiman Sundara sounds surprisingly clear and concise with Lushashop cables plugged in, and Pat’s guitar sounds very detailed, focused and direct.

There is a pleasant rich sound, piano sounds with a roar and sufficient weight, you will immediately notice how the scene expands slightly, in contrast to the standard kit Sundara cable. A very large and rounded virtual space with a thick and solid sound, rumbling low frequencies, a singing smooth middle, precise and bright high frequencies – all this becomes clearly visible in conjunction with the Hifiman Sundara and Sonata iDSD Plus.


The Lunashop well-defined strengths mean that it suits instrumental, upfront music the best. It’s ideal if you want to liven up the sound from your current set-up. It should be noted that the cable significantly helped open headphones and sound in full force. He breathed new life into our Hifiman Sundara and charged them with bubbling energy. Don’t forget that it makes sense to warm up cable directly on your set-up for a few days to get rid of some initial spikiness.

Buy: Custom 99% Pure Silver 8 Core Cable from Lunashops Retail Store.