Mytek Liberty THX AAA HPA: Headphone amplifier based on THX AAA chips

THX does not only certify equipment for commercial and home theaters — its portfolio also includes Acromatic Audio Amplifier headphone amplifier chips (we, for example, managed to test the FiiO player with such a chip). And it is on the basis of the THX AAA-888 chip that the Mytek Liberty THX AAA HPA analog headphone amplifier works.

According to the company, the novelty is a reference-level device for any passionate fan of headphones and audio engineer. The sound, if you believe the description, turns out exactly as its creators intended. The amplifier provides maximum transparency and detail with minimal distortion from the device itself. This was achieved by using the proprietary THX topology with proactive error correction. As a result, the amplifier plays at maximum power with exponentially reduced levels of distortion and noise.

Mytek Liberty THX AAA HPA

This system allows THX AAA-based amplifiers to work with any headphones, even the tightest and most sensitive-it produces a maximum of 6 watts of power with a harmonic distortion level of less than 0.1 dB. There is also a choice of gain-four different levels are available.

With such considerable power, we had to take extra care of protecting the circuit. A huge 60-watt linear toroidal transformer with automatic switching to the appropriate mains voltage and dual mono regulators is responsible for high-quality power supply.

Mytek Liberty THX AAA HPA

Of the connectors, this version of the Liberty has four line inputs: three RCA and one balanced 1/4-inch XLR. The outputs include a four-pin XLR, 4.4-mm balanced, 1/4-inch TRS and 3.5 mm for in-channel monitors (when connected, the gain level automatically drops by 12 dB). The RCA output of the preamp is also provided — in this mode, the Liberty THX AAA HPA can also be used. The “Crossfeed/Mono” switch allows you to adjust the operation of the device to other elements of the audio system. A large 27 mm Alps attenuator is responsible for adjusting the volume level.

Mytek Liberty THX AAA HPA

The cost of Mytek Liberty THX AAA HPA in the United States is $1,495.

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