BandCamp will start releasing more vinyl releases

bandcamp-an online platform that helps musicians sell their creations — has come to believe in the promise of vinyl. According to her statistics, in 2020, records were sold twice as much as the year before. However, it seems a clear omission that the CD edition on bandcamp is duplicated by the vinyl version only in 12% of cases.

bandcamp rightly judged that the reason for the imbalance is the high cost of vinyl releases. For ordinary musicians, this is too much of a risk. And the service decided to help by launching a special service for musicians Vinyl Pressing a year and a half ago.

Now, given the growing popularity of vinyl, bandcamp decided to make their Vinyl Pressing Service project more ambitious. This service should eliminate financial risks for musicians and authors who have decided on a vinyl release. Last year, as a result of 50 successful pilot projects, 13,000 records were already sent to customers from 65 countries.

Now bandcamp intends to offer its Vinyl Pressing Service to 10,000 musicians. So many invitations to participate in the project have already been sent out. The terms of service are simple: you need to collect at least 250 orders of the vinyl version per month.

Everything else — material preparation, production, logistics — will be taken over by bandcamp. At the same time, the authors will be given full control over the process — the design and prices also depend on them. bandcamp expressed hope that the Vinyl Pressing service will only expand this year.

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