Aluminum acoustics Piega Ace

We wrote about the Ace series of speakers from the Swiss company Piega earlier this year. Then the manufacturer promised that sales of new speakers will begin in the spring. The promises were kept: the acoustics entered the market and are already available. Piega also provided an extended description of the new speakers and detailed technical data.

As previously reported, the Ace series is the modern successor to the TMicro series of speakers. The new series includes the Ace 30 compact shelf speaker system, the Ace 50 slim floor speaker, and the Ace Center Center channel speaker.

Piega Ace acoustics

One of the features of the Piega Ace is the thin aluminum cases. The rounded shape of the cases, which resembles a pick in cross-section, is part of the Piega brand design. The built-in front grille bends to follow the profile of the acoustics, which is designed to create “a harmonious housing that fits seamlessly into any living space”.

As for the technical data, the main feature here is the AMT-1 RF emitters (like the Micro series). This ribbon tweeter uses a lightweight 24×36 mm curved membrane and a magnetic system made of high-purity neodymium.

Piega Ace 50

The MDS cone drivers developed by Piega have been upgraded to improve bass and midrange reproduction — according to the company, this gives the Ace series speakers exceptional bass for their size.

The Ace 50 model uses an optimized woofer chassis: the driver now emits almost twice the acoustic power of the previous TMicro model. Linearity in the midrange has also been improved to produce a natural sound. The round floor stand is designed to emphasize the silhouette of the speakers.

Piega Ace 30

The shelf-mounted Ace 30 has become one of the company’s smallest speakers, but the sound is said to be clean and voluminous. The manufacturer recommended the Acer 30 for jazz or classical music, but for rock and pop music, the speakers should also be suitable.

Finally, AceCenter speakers are offered as a center channel speaker or as part of a home theater surround sound system. The appearance and features of AceCenter complement the Ace 30 and Ace 50. The model features advanced 120 mm MDS speakers and an AMT-1 ribbon tweeter.

Piega Ace center

The final price depends on the finish (aluminum body with silver grill, black anodized aluminum body with black grill, or white lacquer body with white grill).

Technical specifications:

Frequency Range (Ace 50/Ace 30/Ace Center): 45 Hz-40 kHz/50 Hz-40 kHz/50 Hz — 40 kHz
Recommended amplifier output: 20-150 W/20-150 W/20-150 W
Dimensions: 14×104×16 cm/14×22×16 cm/34×14×16 cm
Speakers: 2×120 mm MDS-B, 1×120 mm MDS, 1×AMT-1/1×120 mm MDS, 1×AMT-1/2×120 mm MDS, 1×AMT-1
Impedance: 4 ohms/4 ohms/4 ohms
Sensitivity: 90dB/87dB/87dB
Construction: Three-way/two-way/two-way

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