Dirac will offer its technologies for the budget segment of car audio

Dirac has announced the debut of its low-cost car audio products. In the mid and premium segments, Dirac is already known for its collaborations with Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Volvo and BMW. The company’s technologies are also integrated into individual devices – for example, into the C-DSP 8×12 DL sound processor.

This time, a sound enhancement system has been announced for entry-level car kits. It includes a measurement system (using microphones), configuration tools, sound optimization algorithms and I/O platforms. According to the company, all this in combination will make it “faster, more easily, and consistently across vehicle models”, and to do it at no extra cost.

The company intends to offer this solution, built on the universal intelligent audio platform Dirac, to manufacturers of inexpensive cars. Details about the composition of the system, its application and even the name are still lacking.

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