Soundcore Frames Audio glasses: immersive effect and interchangeable frames

Anker has expanded its catalog of products under the Soundcore brand. However, this time we are not talking about headphones or a portable speaker – Anker has released audio glasses.

The Soundcore Frames model, like most similar solutions from other companies, does not involve traditional earplugs: instead, there are two emitters in each earbud. According to the manufacturer, when the ear is between them, an immersive stereo effect is obtained. You can customize the sound to your taste through the application for a mobile device. The Bluetooth 5.2 module is responsible for the audio transmission quality.

In addition to the immersive effect, the glasses boast a stylish look and interchangeable frames (they need to be purchased separately). The company offered several types of different frames with different lenses.

Soundcore Frames Audio glasses

You can control the glasses through sensors or voice. The built-in battery should last 5.5 hours. You can recharge for 1.5 hours in 10 minutes. Separately, it should be noted that microphones are built into the glasses for answering calls. The manufacturer assured that during telephone conversations, the glasses will automatically start a “confidential” mode, which involves lowering the volume.

In the US, Soundcore Frames Audio glasses will appear in November at a price of $200. Each additional frame will cost $49.99.

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