Meze 99 Series Silver Plated upgrade cables review

In addition to headphones and amplifiers, Meze Audio also produces high-quality cables for its headphones.
99 Series Silver Plated upgrade cables is designed for specific models 99 and 99 NEO. However, this does not exclude its use with any other model of headphones with suitable connectors.


The cable comes in a small black box. Box contains a leather case with the company logo and the cable.


Braided cables made of silver-plated copper custom wires, 8 wire to 4 wire continuous braid, 2×3.5mm TS connection, 1.2 m (3.9 ft) long.

3 options are available for order: Balanced 2.5mm Rhodium Plated Jack (119$) , 3.5mm Rhodium Plated Jack (119$) and Balanced 4.4mm Gold Plated Jack (129$) (In our case this is 3.5mm Rhodium Plated Jack).


We have already partially described the effect of replacing the standard cable in the 99 classics headphones review for which it was created.

We tested the cable with different amplifiers but only with a 99 classics headphones. The difference in sound begins to increase progressively when replacing an amplifier with a higher level. This is the case when the difference is noticeable over the entire frequency range. We noted that the sound is impressively detailed, uncovering low-level information and arranging it in a stable and cohesive manner.

It is worthwhile to understand that when it comes to cable, all these details are not particularly distinguished, here it exists in impartial delivery without an accent. But to the extent that it is impossible not to notice.

Build quality, tactile sensations and the sound shades that provides 99 Series Silver Plated upgrade cables, is equally admirable.


We will definitely test this cable with other headphone models to complement this review, but now we can say that this is a high-quality detail in audio path that will bring new colors to your familiar sound.

Despite the relatively high price and short length, we definitely strongly recommend buying a cable directly paired with 99 classic headphones.

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