Billie Eilish in a new video called to fight for the lives of “blacks”

Billie Eilish’s music is multifaceted and combines elements of different genres. Confirmation of this is her new single and video “My future”, a composition with a blues melody and mood, which develops into a more dynamic expressive part. The colorful animation clip was directed by Andrew Honorato.

A little brooding girl (cartoon clone of Billie Eilish) sits on a rainy night under a tree and looks at the huge moon. Then she wanders sadly through the dark thicket, lies on the lawn, touching a small puddle with her hand, and suddenly magical plants with bright sprouts begin to grow out of the ground. Everything is flooded with sunlight, and a large tree (as if a living character) wraps its branches around the heroine and lifts, as if on hands, high to the sky. Billie Eilish emailed her fans following her account, in which she spoke about the work:

  • We wrote this song at the very beginning of the quarantine. She is really very personal and special to me. What you see in the video is exactly where my mind was when the composition was born, and it has an encouraging, simultaneously exciting and crazy self-reflection. This song sounds very relevant in the context of what is happening in the world now.

    I hope you can all find meaning in this for yourself. The future seems uncertain and insane. But I think we need to be ready to get started, and if we do, we need to be hopeful and excited about our future. I have to constantly remind myself that the future is ours, and I know that we want to do everything possible to make it the best for everyone in the world and for the world itself.

    We must be aware of and know what is happening around us. We must keep looking ahead. We need to keep fighting for what we think is right. We need to vote. We need to take care of the land. We need to fight for all black lives. We just need. To be. It’s better.

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