Car speakers Sony Mobile ES: MRC diffusers and Progressive Height Rate suspensions

The line of car speakers Sony Mobile ES includes five models. These are two-way component XS-162ES and coaxial speakers XS-160ES, both based on 16 cm drivers, 2-way coaxial “ovals” XS-690ES in size 16×24 and XS-680ES – 16×20 cm, as well as a 25 cm subwoofer XS-W104ES.

The entire range uses mica-reinforced aramid fiber (MRC) in the woofer cone. The subwoofer Sony XS-W104ES has a volumetric design based on the same MRC – with a foam-like core with a fiber base in a honeycomb structure. To improve the axial symmetry and linearity of the diffuser travel, oblique “notches” are made in the external suspensions of the low-frequency drivers.

Sony XS-690ES

A soft dome tweeter attached directly to the voice coil is capable of handling frequencies up to 40 kHz. The Sony Mobile ES speaker drivers have also received an acoustically optimized Progressive Height Rate Spider lower suspension – they should provide faster and more accurate damping of the moving part of the speaker.

Sony XS-160ES

The XS-162ES is designed to flatten the response right down to the crossover point, improving matching with the tweeter’s range. For this, a rigid aluminum voice coil frame was used in the design. In addition, the XS-162ES crossovers are equipped with low-loss polypropylene capacitors. The circuit provides for tweeter level adjustment.

Sony XS-W104ES

All models of car speakers Sony Mobile ES will be on sale before the end of the month. Recommended retail prices in the US market: XS-162ES and XS-690ES – $300, XS-160ES and XS-680ES – $250, XS-W104ES – $220.

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