Celestion HornWizard: RF Horn Simulation Application

Celestion, renowned for its professional speakers, has released HornWizard, an application that will allow you to create and test a virtual model of a horn tweeter. As conceived by the HornWizard developers, in the application the user will be able to check all the parameters of the horn and find out how effective this or that solution will be.

HornWizard is a WPA software for mobile devices and PCs: the application connects to the Celestion online database, which contains all the necessary tools. In other words, HornWizard is not a software, but only a portal to access online software.

With HornWizard, the engineer will not only be able to understand how the horn will actually work, but also test different driver models to see how they interact with different horn designs.

The app is free and already available for download.