Powerbeats Ambush SE: These headphones glow in the dark

Beats and fashion brand Ambush have unveiled the Powerbeats Ambush SE headphones that glow in the dark. Yoon Ahn, the creative director of Ambush, contributed to the creation of the headphones. Yoon was inspired by the “spirit of Tokyo nightlife.” Yoon envisioned the new headphones to convey the energy of the city to the user.

Beats and Yoon have recruited Nigerian artist Burna Boy, known for his eclectic afro-fusion music, to participate in the campaign to promote the novelty.

Powerbeats Ambush SE

The Wireless Powerbeats Ambush Special Edition has received not only a striking unusual appearance, but also a number of advanced features. For example, engineers used the Apple H1 chip to speed up setup and pairing. Also, the chip will provide seamless work with the Siri voice assistant. For communication with an assistant and telephone conversations, the headphones received microphones that filter out external noise.

When it comes to music, the manufacturer promised clean, crisp sound with a large dynamic range. As for the battery, when fully charged, the headphones should last for 15 hours. The Fast Fuel system (5 minutes of charging for 1 hour of playback) will allow you to quickly recharge the novelty.

You can also note the presence of IPX4 protection and controls on the headphones themselves: turning on, playing, volume, activating the assistant, receiving calls and other functions. Included with the headphones are earpieces of different sizes, a cable and a case.