Marshall unveils first fully wireless Mode II headphones

The first fully wireless model, Mode II, appeared in the Marshall catalog. As the name suggests, it is based on Mode in-ear headphones – but those were wired.

Among all the brand’s models at the moment, Mode II is the only one using Bluetooth 5.1 (there is no information about codecs). The batteries last for five hours of use, and with the help of the case, they can be fully charged four more times. The case itself is protected from weather and moisture according to the IPX4 standard, and the headphones – according to the IPX5 standard.

Marshall Mode II

The set comes with four pairs of silicone tips of different sizes, which are paired with the ergonomic shape of the case are designed to provide high-quality noise isolation and comfort.

Playback is controlled by the touch pads on the outside of the headphones, decorated with a stylized “M”. Using touches, you can call voice assistants, adjust the equalizer, turn on the transparency mode, switch between tracks and answer calls.

Marshall Mode II

Inside the headphones are 6mm speakers, which Marshall says will provide “loud sound” with a claimed SPL of 100.5dB. In the proprietary Marshall Bluetooth application, you can adjust the character of the sound using the equalizer.

The start of sales of Marshall Mode II in the US is scheduled for March 18, the cost of headphones, currently available only in black, will be $180.

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