Discontinued Apple HomePod can still be purchased

The HomePod smart speaker is still available on the Apple Store, although information that it has been discontinued came 2 months ago. You won’t find gray Apple HomePods there, but white ones are quite affordable.

Not only that, YouTuber Michael Kukielka recently bought two HomePods, dated December 19, 2017 and February 3, 2018, with iOS 11.2.5 from three years ago. At the same time, Kukielka published a photo of the fork of one of them, covered with white dust from the destruction of plastic, which has aged after three years in the box.

Moreover, after about a year after the launch, Apple reduced the cost of the HomePod for the United States from $ 350 to $ 300, the price of the product has now remained at the same level. It is for the price that the HomePod has been criticized since its early days. Then HomePod Mini began to successfully compete with it – with an impressive sound for its size, practically the same functionality and one and a half times lower price.

Plus, after updating to iOS 14.5, some HomePod owners were unable to access Apple Music via Siri. But Mini, according to Apple, “has been a hit since its debut last fall.” In the first three months of 2021, Apple sold 2.4 million smart speakers in the US, most of them HomePod Mini. As for the white HomePods, the number of these devices that Apple is still going to sell is unknown.

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