Exposure VXN Phono Amplifier: Dual Mono with Dual Power Supply

British Hi-Fi audio brand Exposure Electronics has released the VXN Phono Amplifier. The novelty, according to the company, is addressed to “serious vinyl lovers” and is paired with a branded VXN power supply. If you add another such unit, the system goes into a dual mono configuration. Three or two cases form a neat rack.

The Exposure Electronics VXN Phono Amplifier works with MM or MC cartridges (separate inputs). There are no operational amplifiers in the circuit – only discrete transistors, high-quality resistors and capacitors. Moreover, in the passive correction of the RIAA there are, according to the developers, “polypropylene capacitors of very high quality“.

Exposure Electronics VXN Phono Amplifier rear panel

The result is a signal-to-noise ratio for a frequency of 1kHz and an output voltage of 500mV – >82dB for the MM input, and >72dB for the MC input. Stepped load and gain control is set by jumpers on the rear panel of the all-aluminum black (this is the only color) case.

Availability and price

The Exposure Electronics VXN Phono Amplifier is already on sale in the UK for £1,790.

Exposure VXN Phono Amplifier Specifications

  • Outputs:
    Nominal output (depends on gain setting): 500mV
    Maximum Output: 7.8V @ 1kHz
    Output Impedance: 50 Ohms
    THD @ 1 kHz, ref 500mV output: <0.005%
  • Frequency Response: 30Hz – 20kHz within +/- 0.25dB ref 1kHz with low frequency roll off below 30Hz
  • Moving Magnet Input:
    Sensitivity: 5mV input for 500mV output, 40dB gain setting
    Signal to Noise Ratio: ref 1kHz & 500mV out (A weighted) : >82dB
  • Moving Coil Input:
    Sensitivity: 500uV input for 500mV output, 60dB gain setting
    Signal to Noise Ratio: ref 1kHz & 500mV out (A weighted) : >72dB
  • General:
    For use with VXN Power Supply only
    Power Consumption: <10W
    Dimensions (HxWxD): 89mm x 218mm x 348mm
    Net Weight: 2kg
    Gross Weight: 3kg


• All audio circuits using discrete transistors onlyno ICs in the signal path
• Very low noise power supply regulators used
with multiple stages of regulation
• High quality resistors & capacitors used in
signal path
• Very high quality Polypropylene capacitors
used in critical areas of the RIAA equalisation
• Separate MM & MC inputs selectable on the
front panel
• Adjustable loading & gain switches on the back
• High quality all aluminium case work and
extruded front panel
• Three year guarantee
• Available in black only