Fostex Announces Limited Edition TH900 MK2 Headphones in Pearl White Lacquer

The Japanese company Fostex has promised to release a limited edition version of the TH900mk2 headphones in pearl white “Urushi” lacquer by December. The previous release of the limited edition TH900mk2 fell on 2018 – then the color of the headphones was blue. True, if then 300 copies were produced, then this time the white TH900 mk2 will be intended only for the American market, and their circulation will be limited to 40 or 50 copies (according to various sources).

Otherwise, the model has not changed: its magnetic system, which uses the principle of repulsion, creates a magnetic flux density of 1.5 Tesla and provides movement of the patented Biodyna diaphragm. The Japanese cherry cases are crafted by experienced Japanese craftsmen and are complemented by ear cushions, the protein leather of which is made from an eggshell membrane.

In the white version, the headphones will be equipped with an additional detachable cable – so they can be connected both in balanced and unbalanced versions.

The cost of the Fostex TH900 mk2 Pearl White headphones in the US will be $1,700.