Hifiman RE400c review

Many fans of portable sound have long been familiar with this model. The main difference between the RE400c and other modifications RE400 is the type-c connector. Hifiman RE400c continues the tradition of “smooth sound” and technology is important here. RE400c uses has long been known and well established dynamic driver with a titanium membrane of 8.5 mm. RE400c represents the optimal midpoint in the middle segment. Let’s look at the main differences and also talk in detail about the sound of the new model.

Accessories & Packaging

Everything is standard here, an ordinary cardboard box with transparent inserts, from which the inner one is pulled out, on which there are earphones, as well as earpads and a plastic clothespin.

There are two types of silicone eartips included, black and white ones. Actually, this is quite enough, although we would like a larger selection of nozzles (we know, Hifiman often send an additional set of nozzles with RE400c, in our case it was not). However, given the sound and price, we are ready to forgive everything else.


At a fairly average price, the Hifiman RE400c demonstrate the quality of a premium level: the familiar ergonomic, stylish and reliable metal body, the same as in the RE600s.

All three buttons are responsive with the middle button being designed to carry out call functions (answer/reject/end call), as well as audio functions (play/pause and skip to next track). The buttons on the RE400c remote box aren’t universal, and on some devices, all buttons may not work properly.


Obviously, buying RE400с you will not use an additional DAC, this modal is intended for use directly with the phone, and here a significant role is played by the sound chip of your phone.

The Hifiman RE400с have low 32 ohm impedance and require 10mW of power to deliver full loud volume, thanks to the 102dB high earphone sensitivity of the 8.5mm speaker drivers. If you still want to connect the RE400c to an external DAC, be mindful of the 30mW maximum power rating.

The RE400 scene is pleasant and wide, with a good sense of space and distance. The depth and height of the scene is less than other armature headphones, but the scene is really good for this price category. The separation of instruments is wide and generally good. It is worth noting the natural and pleasant atmosphere with high resolution, which glows with a high degree of transparency, especially with wind and string instruments. Earphones, as well as RE600s, are still good for most styles, but the instrumental styles should be noted separately.

In frequency ranges, everything is similar to the higher model RE600s so you will get almost the same with the exception of some points. However, when buying a model with type-c for a phone, you should initially consider what you get. We only note that at the moment the built-in type-c adapter is no one else provides with earphones in this class, you will need to use an inconvenient adapter in any other model. We really like the even frequency range in the whole spectrum, the naturalness of the sound and the live feed will certainly surprise you if before that you only used the phone to listen.


Hifiman has upgraded its familiar RE400 model, this time providing users with a complete solution out of the box, without adapters and other inconveniences. The model is suitable primarily for connoisseurs of high-quality sound who do not like to use an additional DAC and prefer a good sound from the box. Hifiman is gradually introducing high quality sound to those segments of users who wanted to get more from the sound but did not want to carry a separate player or DAC. Of course, at the moment this is one of the best solutions for mobile listening, primarily focused on sound quality and usability.

Devices used for testing: TOPPING D50s, XDUOO XD-05, SMSL SP200, Samsung Galaxy S20, NAD D3020.


Frequency Response : 15~22 KHZ
Sensitivity : 102dB
Impedance : 32 Ohms
Cable Length : 1.33m
Plug : 3.5mm

Official site: https://hifiman.com/

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