Hifiman RE600s V2 review

Hifiman RE600s V2 – the model has long been known to fans of this price range, but it still appears in the reviews and charts anyway, we decided to find out how relevant their sound is in 2020. Today, many manufacturers are trying to surprise with hybrid technologies and a lot of drivers in their new models, despite this the Hifiman continues for several years to sell successful one-driver dynamic earphones at the time, presenting their second version (differ from previous version with сomposite cable ‘patent-pending’ comprised of crystal copper and crystal silver).

In fact, everything does not look very impressive, one dynamic driver, the cable does not change, the size of earphones is extremely small which can cause questions for many users, but also everyone knows that the driver is technologically sophisticated and expensive (titanium diaphragm and neodymium magnet). Hifiman was able to prove that in earphones, the sound is primarily important, and it does not matter how the manufacturer achieves this with technology. Looking ahead, it is worth noting that even today, this is perhaps the best sound in most parameters in its segment.

Accessories & Packaging

We have never seen anything like this in any model of earphones before. The box is characterized by a non-standard approach and quality of manufacture. The main materials of the box are leatherette and aluminum, the box opens in both directions.

The top section contains the earphones, the bottom section contains six pairs of tips and a cable wrap. It should be noted that this is really a very unusual and pleasant box.

Package includes:

  • RE600s earphones
  • Clam shell carrying case
  • 3x Bi-flange tips (small)
  • 2x Bi-flange tips (large)
  • 6x Mono-flange tips (varying sizes and styles)
  • Filters (5 pairs)
  • Earphone Carry Pouch
  • Cable wrap


The eardphone body is made of aluminum with a black glossy finish. RE600s today has an extremely small size relative to any other models in this segment. An inexperienced user may at first be wary of such a size, but be sure, this will not harm the sound in any way when using such sizes. Given the miniature size of the earphone, it is suitable for almost any user, regardless of its physiological characteristics of the ear, which will be facilitated by the nozzles in the package abound. We recommend using large bi-flange tips. In our opinion, they will suit most users while providing the greatest dynamic range.

Of the shortcomings today, it would be possible to note a cable that cannot be changed, but it is obvious that then it would not be possible to achieve such tiny sizes, so for most it would be more likely a plus. Ergonomics are at the highest level, earphones can be used for many hours in a row without any inconvenience. Laconicism and simplicity is the main motive that guided the designer, which cannot be said about the most important thing – the sound, which discourages with its unexpected level of quality and causes a pleasant dissonance of perception, given the tiny size.


The most amazing thing is how one dynamic driver easily outperforms the vast majority of multi-driver models that are currently on the market. At the first listening, you clearly hear how precisely and correctly all melodic harmonics are played out, all notes sound accurately and clearly, understanding comes that the harmonics of a note should be just that. It becomes clear that no other model at this price gives such a clear melodic harmony.

For example, if you listen to the acoustic performance of a guitar that you know well and have heard many times, you suddenly realize that the guitar is not tuned perfectly, or vice versa – perfectly, you could not hear that before. Many will call this micro-detailing, but here it’s not fanciful, the sound as a whole is quite rounded and don’t impose attention to details, although you hear and understand them well, it deserves special attention, this is a micro-detailed metamorphosis in the best sense.

High frequencies.
The surest definition will be: they are correct. It should be noted right away that the entire frequency range of the earphones is quite even, possibly with a slight rise in the middle, however this does not mean infringement of low or high frequencies, there is enough of everything here. Returning to the high frequencies, want to highlight the work with percussion, this is a rare case when cymbals and hi-hat play as they should, maybe would like a little more aftertune, but overall they are surprising, especially considering how today most manufacturers prefer to serve this range using expensive balanced armature drivers.

Mid frequencies.
Probably now this is the biggest problem for many models, but not for RE600s. There is a feeling that they are slightly enlarged, as if in showing their superiority over others. However, such a flow of this range gives a lot of air to the overall picture of the musical composition, the imaginary scene is very deep atmospheric. Overloaded distorted electric guitar sounds just awesome if you like rock, and live piano performances allow you to admire the density and resolution (try to listen something quick with a contrabass and piano, like Michel Petrucciani records from the 90s) which in this segment is very difficult to find if at all possible.

Low frequencies.
It’s strange, but at first glance it seems that there are not enough of them. It’s strange because as you listen to your musical material, there is complete certainty that before that there were either too many of them in your other earphones or they didn’t sound as they should. Here there are as many as you need, you clearly understand this with careful and long listening. That rare case when the bass is resilient, fast, clear and sonorous when necessary. If we talk about the bass guitar, this is especially noticeable on live performances by Marcus Miller, we recommend listening how his legendary bass sounds in RE600s, this really attracts your attention. Resounding elasticity, kick and whip, you are simply fascinated by this sound, especially when you realize that all this reproduces with just one dynamic driver. Just amazing.

General impression.
As we wrote above, the sound goes even in the whole range, and you will be surprised that you will find in all three spectra. Earphones work quickly and clearly, they convey all the nuances of the composition, but do not impose them. If you don’t like microdetailing, then here you will be fascinated by it. This is a smooth, clear and natural sound that you want to feel physically, these eardphones can do it.


RE600s can be called universal for many styles, they play electronics, rock and jazz well, it is also great to listen to lighter styles in which there will be a noticeable little attenuation, but this is common to all dynamic models. Earphones have their own unique character and a high level of musicality, that the most demanding users will appreciate. Definitely this is one of the best models even in 2020 in this price range.

★ Our choice.

Devices used for testing: XDUOO XD-05, SMSL SP200, Samsung Galaxy S20, NAD D3020.


Frequency Response : 15Hz-22KHz
Sensitivity : 102dB
Impedance : 16 Ohms
Weight : 13.7g (0.48 Oz)
Plug : 3.5mm

Official site: https://hifiman.com/