T+A Solitaire P-SE: A More Affordable Version Of The Solitaire P Planars

The Solitaire P-SE headphones from T+A are a simplified, and therefore somewhat more affordable, version of the Solitaire P headphones introduced at the beginning of the year. However, do not forget that the brand’s equipment is in principle famous for a rather high-end cost.

The main difference is in the materials: instead of metal, the cases are made of synthetic composite. The material of the ear pads also had to be changed in accordance with the body.

The principle has not changed – these are magneto-planar headphones. True, the emitters themselves are new. Oval diaphragms measuring 110×80 cm, mounted on a carbon frame and occupying the entire cup area, differ from the original ones with a membrane and filters. The membrane is damped with copper conductors. The Draft Control System technology used in the original Solitaire P had to be tweaked to accommodate the new hulls.

The headphones play from 8 Hz to 45 kHz and have a sensitivity of 101 dB at an impedance of 45 ohms. The headphones are equipped with two connectors: 6.35 mm and one of the balanced ones – 4.4 mm or XLR.

According to company representatives, the Solitaire P-SE is not just the little brother of the Solitaire P, but a standalone product in the T + A family of headphones. It took only six months to develop, but the developers managed to get the branded sound from the headphones in a new price range.

Apparently, the company plans to actively develop the direction of headphones. T + A Managing Director Conradin Amft said the “SE” index will henceforth be used in series for entry-level models, but T + A currently has only two headphone models in its catalog.

The start of sales of T + A Solitaire P-SE in the UK is scheduled for January 25, 2021 – the cost of the headphones will be 3,000 pounds.

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