How to install Gryphon Essence – a large photo gallery of equipment for 35000$.

Alchemy of Sound has already got the first Gryphon Audio components in its hands and published a photo gallery of working with devices.

Gryphon Audio Essence Preamplifier comes with a pair of XLR connectors and three RCA inputs. Internal wiring is completely absent – all circuitry is mounted on printed circuit boards. Microprocessor control allows you to fully customize the Gryphon Audio Essence Preamplifier for yourself – by choosing the maximum signal level, starting values ​​and calibrate any input within 8 dB. The modular design of the pre-amplifier guarantees an easy upgrade – if desired, the Gryphon PS2 MM/MS phono stage unit or the Gryphon ZENA DAC (PCM 32/384, DSD512) can be installed.

Gryphon Audio Essence Power – a pair of the latest monoblock power amplifiers or stereo amplifier from the iconic manufacturer of high-end technology. The devices work in pure class A and have a proprietary Symmetrical AC power polarity circuit, which guarantees a deep and 3d sound stage.

Source: Alchemy of Sound.