Three-way PSI Audio A25-M monitors: hybrid dome-conical midrange and rotary midrange/woofer module

Swiss professional audio equipment manufacturer Relac SA has updated its A25-M 3-way active monitors. She produces these speakers under her own brand PSI Audio.

The 2021 PSI Audio A25-M acoustics version follows the original principles: no DSP – only analog signal conversions. This time the monitors received a modified tweeter waveguide, a 210-mm woofer with a reinforced magnet system and a mid-range radically changed using EXD technology.

PSI Audio A25-M

EXD – Extended Dome Driver is a movable speaker system that combines the advantages of dome and cone diffusers. The A25-M has a 4-inch EXD cone made of cellulose supplemented with latex and carbon. The central part is occupied by a lightweight polypropylene dome. Both parts are connected directly to the voice coil.

The inch tweeter and midrange are mounted on a separate plate, which can be oriented horizontally or vertically, depending on the position of the speaker enclosures. The bass reflex port is brought out to the front panel. Each PSI Audio A25-M driver powers a separate Class G / H amplifier with 170W for the woofer, 80W for the midrange and 50W for the tweeter.

PSI Audio A25-M

The speakers also work with CPR technology – phase compensated response. The Adaptive Output Impedance (AOI) system, which we have already talked about in PSI Audio speakers, monitors the movement of the cone and compares it to the input signal, increasing the fidelity.

Cabinets A25-M are made of MDF. They are available in Metal Black, Pure White and Studio Red. PSI Audio A25-M monitors are hand-assembled in Switzerland. All of them are calibrated in an anechoic chamber, and the measurement results then supplement the passport data of each column.

The PSI Audio A25-M has a suggested retail price of €5,545 in Europe.

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