Sony X Bluetooth Party Speakers: X-Balanced Speakers with Mega Bass, Live Sound and Party Connect

Sony X-Series Bluetooth Sound Party Speakers will be released under the slogan “Life should be lived at full volume”. Three models are available: SRS-XB700, SRS-XP500 and SRS-XG500. Besides Bluetooth, they are all ready to read audio in USB Play mode – from a USB stick. The Party Connect function will allow you to combine up to a hundred of these speakers into one audio system.

The new items are equipped with color-musical illumination, and the sound of the tracks can be supplemented with your own vocals with guitar riffs – for this, there are inputs for a guitar and a karaoke microphone. Carrying handles will add portability to the novelties. The XP700 and XP500 speakers can be positioned vertically or horizontally. XB700 – vertical only.

Sony XP700 и XP500

Sony Music Center and Fiestable are suitable for controlling Sony X-Series models. The first will provide playback and lighting control. The second is responsible for playlists, DJ controls, and audio effects like Voice Changer and Echo.

All three speakers are equipped with Mega Bass and Live Sound functions. All three X models are also equipped with Sony X-Balanced speakers. Their cone geometry is said to provide greater recoil and reduced distortion.

Sony XP700

The top model of the series – XP700 – received a splash-proof case. Three tweeters in the front for omnidirectional sound are complemented by another one directed to the rear. The XP500 and XG500 each have two forward-facing tweeters.

For powerful bass, the XG500 is equipped with passive radiators. Plus, it’s better protected. The IP66 rating allows you to easily install this speaker by the pool and not stop having fun even in the rain.

Sony XP700

Built-in rechargeable batteries will allow XP700 to work for 25 hours without recharging. The XP500 will last 20 hours, and the XG500 – as much as 30. The speakers received a battery care mode. It stops charging after reaching 100% – this will extend the battery life. Fast charging technology in 10 minutes will add 3 hours of playtime to the XP700 and XG500 and 80 minutes to the XP500. All three Sony X Bluetooth speakers will be on sale by the summer.

In Europe, the Sony SRS-XP700 will cost €500, the Sony SRS-XP500 €370 and Sony SRS-XG500 €430.

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