Hybrid amplifier Holborne Passion

The Swiss brand Holborne has unveiled the Passion integrated hybrid amplifier. This is an analog circuit that fundamentally lacks any microprocessors or digital components. The novelty is assembled in the proprietary hybrid Tube / FET circuitry and comes with a built-in (but replaceable) phono stage for MC or MM cartridges.

One of these two lamp components on a metal bracket fits into a slot on the back of the case. The phono equalizer ensures the RIAA curve follows with an accuracy of 0.5 dB. Here, on the rear panel, there are gain controls for adjusting the overall gain per channel – this allows you to fine-tune the amplifier for specific acoustics.

Holborne Passion hybrid amplifier

New hybrid amplifier is ready to deliver up to 2×70 watts to 8 ohm speakers. The metal body is available in black or silver.

Holborne Passion hybrid amplifier

The exact cost of the model has not yet been announced, but it will depend on the installed phono stage. According to preliminary data, the approximate price of Holborne Passion integral in Europe will be 6,900 euros.

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