Métronome DSC: ES9038PRO based streamer and digital preamplifier

The French brand Métronome has introduced the DSC (Digital Sharing Converter) streamer and digital preamplifier based on ES9038PRO. The novelty continues the concept of the DSS digital streamer. At the same time, the brand leader, Jean-Marie Clauzel, said that “everything is new inside, and this is a digital source of a very high level”.

The DSC is ready to handle hi-res audio such as DSD512 (streaming DSD256). For this, the device uses the ESS Saber ES9038PRO DAC. The novelty is powered by three toroidal transformers with Schaffner filters. On their basis, 14 independent supply voltages are issued. The mass of the device is 17 kg.

The signature Métronome DSC component is a patented digital volume control that turns the device into a precision preamplifier. It was developed in partnership with Leedh Processing. According to the manufacturer, such a circuit works without losses, changing only the signal amplitude and not affecting its shape in any way.

Métronome DSC based on ES9038PRO

The novelty is assembled in an aluminum case with touch switches and volume control. The rest of the control is from a 5-inch touchscreen, as is the case with Métronome lately. In addition, the new product can be controlled from DLNA / UPnP applications. You can also use the mConnect player, which offers audio streaming services, including high-definition ones – Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify, Deezer and vTuner for Internet radio.

In France, the Métronome DSC in black and silver finishes is already available for 24,990 euros.

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