Bluetooth receiver with tubes Advance Paris WTX-TUBES

Tube bluetooth receiver sounds a little weird doesn’t it? It would seem that lamps and Bluetooth are most often mutually exclusive. But the French company Advance Paris decided to combine the incompatible and presented the WTX-TUBES Bluetooth receiver, powered by two Raytheon 5730 subminiature lamps – they are in the output stage operating in class A.

According to the developers, with Tube bluetooth receiver WTX-TUBES, you can forget about the digital and soulless sound of Bluetooth. A system based on two processors (one dual-core and one single-core) is engaged in the primary processing of the digital signal, and the Wolfson WM8740, operating in the 24-bit / 192 kHz format, took over the conversion of the digital into an analogue.

Bluetooth receiver with tube: Advance Paris WTX-TUBES

The receiver receives the signal using the Bluetooth 5.0 module, and it supports not only SBC and AAC codecs, but also aptX and aptX HD. The rear panel contains optical and coaxial digital outputs, as well as analogue to RCA. The receiver receives power from an external 5 V unit.

Bluetooth receiver with tube: Advance Paris WTX-TUBES

The device turned out to be compact: only 130x110x42 mm, excluding the antenna. Its body is metal, and through a small window on the front panel you can observe the soft glow of the lamps. True, the blue LEDs inherent in technology with Bluetooth are also in place.

In Europe, Advance Paris WTX-TUBES will cost 349 euros.

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