KEF develops distortion absorption technology using metamaterial

One of the main enemies of sound is distortion, and all audio component manufacturers are fighting with varying degrees of success. KEF has partnered with the Acoustic Metamaterials Group for distortion reduction technology to use metamaterials to absorb distortion, which the company believes will revolutionize acoustic design. The attached video says that the developed material has actually become an “acoustic black hole” – the sound entering it completely disappears. The peculiarity of the technology is that it absorbs maximum sound while taking up a minimum of space.

The Audio Engineering Society report, published in June 2020, provides information and conclusions on the metamaterial developed by KEF: “The use of a surprisingly innovative metamaterial absorber in acoustic speakers is presented. The classic broadband absorber is based on a pre-designed multi-cavity optimally positioned in a thin disk format on the rear of the radiator.

A key element of the successful design of this absorber is the optimal connection between the radiator diaphragm and the metastructure using a special conical adapter. The results outperform all variations of classical sound absorption schemes such as reversed horns, providing near-perfect absorption starting at 260 Hz with an element thickness of only 11 mm, while an exponential horn would take half a meter to achieve the same performance. ”According to KEF , the metamaterial absorber absorbs 99% of unwanted sounds, and the difference between classic designs and new development is palpable. KEF will soon release a series of acoustics using these absorbers.

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