LG Xboom Go Jellybean PL2 Portable Speaker: Meridian Sound and Striking Design

LG has released the Xboom Go Jellybean PL2 compact portable Bluetooth speaker. According to a press release, the new product not only combines striking design and quality materials, but also provides high-quality sound.

The sound of the Xboom Go Jellybean PL2 is based on Meridian technology. The manufacturer promised deep bass, clear vocals and richness. The total power of the device was 5 W. In addition to special processing from Meridian, the speaker features Dual Play (two speakers work in sync) and Sound Boost 3 (power boost and sound field enhancement).

LG Xboom Go Jellybean PL2

Among other things, LG noted a battery that holds a charge for 10 hours, light weight, water resistance and applications for iOS and Android, so that the user can control music and share a playlist. There is also a function of answering calls through the column.

As for color solutions, LG did not limit itself to classic white and black, but added yellow, pink, blue, green, cherry colors to them. The speakers will appear on the market one by one.

LG Xboom Go Jellybean PL2

The cost for the US market is already known – $60.

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