Vivid Audio introduces Kaya S12 bookshelf speakers with Omni-Absorber enclosures

The new Kaya S12 bookshelf speaker from Vivid Audio is made in the traditional corporate style. The capacity of one speaker was 12 liters, weight – 6 kg. However, the manufacturer said that the speakers are charged “like an adult” and combine a number of patented technologies.

According to the press release, the S12 not only uses absorption tubes to suppress resonances and reflections (the same “TTL” system is found in the flagship K90), but also implements the Omni-Absorber technology, which has been emphasized. The essence of Omni-Absorber is special vertical and horizontal internal baffles. Their location was calculated individually for the S12 model, since the circuits used in previous products did not fit the new S12.

Vivid Audio Kaya S12

When we consider Omni-Absorber enclosures in terms of sound benefits, it’s all about reduced distortion. The company said the distortion level is significantly reduced when comparing the Kaya S12 to other classic bookshelf or studio monitors.

The speakers are said to be capable of “transparent material flow” and “high detail”. The company also emphasized that the S12 model conveys music in a natural way – “as is”.

As for the technical parameters, the two-way Kaya S12 received one 26 mm tweeter (with Tapered Tube Loading technology) and one 100 mm midrange / woofer. There is a proprietary port on the rear panel for bass boost. System sensitivity – 87 dB. Range: 45 Hz – 25 kHz. The crossover frequency is 3,000 Hz. Amplification of 25W to 125W was recommended for the speakers.

The manufacturer did not disclose the cost of the Kaya S12, but according to rumors, about $7,000 will be asked for a pair of speakers.

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