Aavik Audio has updated the amplifier/DAC: U-180, U-280 and U-580

Aavik has expanded its catalog with a new version of the U-180, U-280 and U-580 amplifiers/DACs. All models were classified as High End. The manufacturer stated that new circuits with shortest signal paths and a two-in-one concept have created audiophile components capable of “flawlessly acoustics control”.

In the new U-devices, Aavik engineers used already proven elements on which other products of the company were previously based, but the main motherboards were significantly redesigned. Among the main features of the new amplifiers/DAC, the firm identified the minimum noise level, high speed and stability.

Aavik Audio U-180, U-280 and U-580

The flagship Aavik U-580 features a titanium insert, which is designed to simultaneously enrich the look of the device and absorb resonances. According to Aavik, titanium “will add warmth and naturalness to the sound”. The inner base of the Aavik U-580 is made of copper – the manufacturer has promised that this will make the music “more energetic and powerful”.

In addition, the U-580 has been fitted with the Ansuz system, a multi-piece design to suppress unwanted vibration and noise. This system includes Tesla’s active coils, dithering circuit and anti-resonant coils.

In terms of the series as a whole, Aavik noted the Umac digital amplification technology. The same technology is used to build amplifiers without DACs, which the company introduced last year. As for the conversion of digital signals, the U-components received five inputs (coaxial, optical, USB) for connecting “any” sources. According to the company, the DAC involved work in such a way that the listener cannot distinguish their sound from analog technology.

Among other things, the company noted the presence of several operating modes that change the settings and sound. This approach should help with the integration of the component into the music system.

Prices have not yet been announced.

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