Hyundai unveils its first in-ear wireless headphones: H-EP100, H-EP200 and H-EP300

Hyundai has introduced three models of in-ear wireless headphones at once. According to the press release, all three use Bluetooth 5.0, operate at ranges of up to 10 meters, and have a built-in microphone.

Hyundai H-EP100 headphones are equipped with 6 mm drivers and have touch control. Sweat protection provided. A 40 mAh battery built into each earphone allows you to work for 3 hours (120 hours in standby mode).

Hyundai H-EP100, H-EP200, H-EP300

The Hyundai H-EP200 headphones with 8mm drivers are made in black and come with replaceable elastic green and red silicone earhooks. Headphone batteries, with a capacity of 45 mAh each, will work for 3 hours or 150 hours in standby mode.

Hyundai H-EP300 got 8mm drivers. Each earbud has a built-in 40 mAh battery. The headphones are autonomous for 4 hours, and in standby mode they can be up to 120 hours.

Hyundai H-EP100, H-EP200, H-EP300

Each of the new products is equipped with a charging case with a 200 mAh battery for the Hyundai H-EP100 and 400 mAh for the other two models. Full charging time is the same for all – 2 hours. Case H-EP100 and H-EP200 are charged via micro USB, while for H-EP300 it is USB Type C.

The prices of new products and the timing of their appearance on the market have not yet been indicated.